Overview and Practicum

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) at York University is designed to be a place where theory and practice are deeply linked and where foundations and methods courses and school and community experiences speak to one another. It consists of 10 full courses (60 credits) delivered over a period of four semesters, and includes required courses, a community placement, practicum placements, and elective courses. The program is structured around four broad themes – one for each semester:

  • Orientation to the profession in community
  • Learners
  • Classroom and Curriculum
  • Schooling, Society and Research.

Practicum Experiences
You will begin your practicum experience in Year One with both a community placement and a school-based placement. These complementary placements support the development of community‐based practice, reflecting our Faculty’s foundational belief in the relationship between school and community. These placements will allow you time to observe, relate, reflect and deconstruct your understandings of teaching and learning with a focus on links between theory and practice. In Year One you will spend one day per week in each placement.

In Year Two,  you will undertake a school-based placement with a number of weekdays in placement and teaching block experiences. We are confident that these experiences will help you become exemplary teachers who are engaged in the facilitation of learning for Ontario students.