Glendon BEd

York University’s Faculty of Education, in collaboration with Glendon College, offers an innovative Bachelor of Education (BEd) with an emphasis on French Immersion. This unique bilingual BEd program aims to prepare future French Immersion and Extended French teachers, who are well equipped to work with the growing student population enrolled in these programs. This program will also be attractive to those interested in creating dynamic and authentic Core French learning environments.

The program will be offered at the Glendon campus, and at least 50% of the courses will be taught in French. Considerable emphasis will be placed on ensuring excellent French language proficiency, and a deep understanding of Francophone cultures. It will be of interest to future educators at all divisions: primary/junior, junior/intermediate, and intermediate/senior.

Salutations! Bienvenue dans votre programme de BEd!! J'espère que vous passerez une merveilleuse journée!!

The Structure of the program
The program has been carefully designed to allow you time to fully engage with your learning, and to commit yourself to the demanding requirements of becoming a teacher. You should, therefore, expect to use non-scheduled time for reading, completing assignments, preparing for practicum and of course, for reflection. Expect these days to be busy - but interesting, and stimulating.

My name is Marc Powell and I am your BEd Program advisor. I can be reached via email to and please include "Glendon BEd" in the subject line, and include your name and student number in the body (or as your email signature).


May 14: As promised, we are now sharing the Powerpoint slides that were used in the advising session, and the advising package that was shared prior to the session.

Feel free to ask me questions. I'm here to help! 😉