Keele Intermediate/Senior

This blog is designed to keep you informed of any updates or changes that might occur between admission and the start of the Intermediate/Senior Teacher Education program at the York University Keele campus. Your program advisors for the Intermediate/Senior division will be Rosa Berdejo-Williams ( and Marc Powell ( Please include "IS Keele" and your student number in the subject line (or your email signature!!) in your correspondence with us!!

Welcome, Year 1 I/S Teacher Candidates!!

The Structure of the program
The program has been carefully designed to allow you time to fully engage with your learning, and to commit yourself to the demanding requirements of becoming a teacher. You should, therefore, expect to use non-scheduled time for reading, completing assignments, preparing for practicum and of course, for reflection. Expect these days to be busy - but interesting, and stimulating.


May 14: As promised, we are now sharing the Powerpoint slides that were used in the advising session, and the advising package that was shared prior to the session. There's even a recording of one of the sessions!

Feel free to ask me questions. I'm here to help! 😉

May 30: Education elective options for you to choose and enrol in 1 only:

EDUC 3710 3.00 section M

Global Issues and Education

Catalogue #: D75F01

W Jan 6 Apr 4 T 8:30 - 11:30


EDUC 3770 3.00 section M

Teaching and Learning with Digital Technology

Catalogue #: V46R01

W Jan 6 Apr 4 T 11:30 - 14:30


EDUC 3650 3.00 section M

The Psychoanalysis of Teaching & Learning

Catalogue #: V39B01

W Jan 6 Apr 4 T 14:30 -17:30
EDUC 3730 3.00 section M

Education and Human Rights

Catalogue #: E99J01

W Jan 6 Apr 4 F 14:30 – 17:30
EDUC 3750 3.00 section M

Classroom Assessment

Catalogue #: S55X01

W Jan 6 Apr 4 F 14:30 – 17:30